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Adventure is everywhere you look!

Meet Trevor.  

Father. Partner. DJ. Pyro-Junkie.

He loves adventure, adrenaline and action sports!  He has over 15 years in the entertainment industry, and is always craving the next challenge!  He is constantly dreaming up new ideas, and lives his life to the fullest!

Trevor Friesen

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Catch Him by the tail, and put him in your pocket!

Meet Krista.  A mother of four, Loving Partner, and Wedding whiz!  She has been designing and planning weddings since she was a child, and has a special place in her heart for creating lasting memories!  She is extremely organized, and will stop at nothing to make your event extra-ordinary!

Krista Sandercock

Co-Founder & Mom


Lights, Camera, Action!

Meet Chuck.  Charleigh.  C-Note.  Chuckleberry Finn.  She goes by many names, and has many extroordinary talents!  Influencer, Sound Appreciator, and Race Car Driver.

Charleigh Sandercock

Director of Media

I'll eat your candy if you let me!

This is Mya.  She is always eager to help out where needed, gobble cookies, and taste test the desserts!  She is always the first one to work in the morning, and the first one to call it quits in the morning!  She is a worker bee, and is incredibly easy to love.


Cookie Monster & Attention Seeker


Om nom nom

Loveable Ellie.  Born into this world on a busy wedding Saturday - and three hours later, we were DJing a wedding.

She will eat anything she can touch, and slobber on anything else.  The baby of the family, but starting her in the business already.


Screamer, Drooler & Giggler

Pyro, Music & Motorcycles

Meet Jordan.  Last name Dyck.  Dyck is a hardcore skateboard, skydive and motorhead.  A dedicated father of 2 children, he has a selfless attitude toward life, and is known to "full send" anything he does.  He wires fireworks, builds bikes, and spins tunes!

Jordan Dyck

DJ, Firework Apprentice - Worker Bee

Dyck @ Willow.JPG
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