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Fireworks & Special Effects

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Big or Small, we work within your budget to create a customized experience for each celebration!

Have you ever dreamed of a row of sparklers greeting you at the entrance, or perhaps even a full firework show to finish off your event?  How about a Gender Reveal that everyone talks about, or elevating your next summer's BBQ party to a whole new level!  Depending on the location of the event, our team has several Government of Canada certified Pyrotechnics on Staff that do all the heavy lifting. Our team are among the highest certified in the Pyro community, and have plenty of experience shooting displays for large or small events. Whatever your budget - we can create a show perfect for you and your events needs!

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Special Effects

Display Fireworks

Our team of Professional Pyrotechnics create and set up a one-of-a-kind PyroMusical that is electronically fired precisely to the beat of music.  Fireworks are set off in unison to the highs and lows of music to create a visually appealing display to watch and listen to!  We are among the highest certified in the Pyro community, and have experience shooting shows all over North America, including displays at the World Series, Nascar, NBA Finals, and Las Vegas Independence Day Celebrations!  Chat with our team to figure out how we can work with you for your next Wedding, Small town celebration, or Outdoor special event!


Our certified crew have plenty of experience shooting Grand Entrances, Opening Ceremonies, and Sporting Events to bring the excitement to next level heights.  We are here to create an impression and can work with you to create any desired outcome.  With any pyrotechnics and spark producing devices, safety is always our number one concern.  Computer controlled devices, and indoor "cold spark" technology have continued to develop to allow bigger and more unique events if the budget allows!  Reach out to us to see if we can help work with your next indoor or close proximity event!


Gender Reveals

A great way to share great news with your family and friends!  Our Gender Reveal powder and smoke options make for a memorable way to share the big news!  Available in Baseball, Golf or Hockey, as well as twist and shoot cannons, pull tab or even remote controlled!  Ask us for more details on how we can bring excitement to your news!

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Do you know the difference between Fog and Haze?  Ever heard of Cryo Jets?  We have plenty of lights, lasers, smoke, confetti, haze, cryo and fake flame products to create a unique environment without the need for pyrotechnics and additional insurance.  Ask us for different ways that we can add atmospherics to your next event.


Smoke Photography

Ask your photographer if they work with coloured smoke to elevate your wedding photos to the next colour palate!  Multiple sizes, colours and duration of smoke available in multiple detonation types!  Ask us for more details.

Gender Reveal
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