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Outdoor Fireworks Displays & Pyromusicals

Fireworks may not be permitted at your chosen event location, but that doesn't mean your options are exhausted. Not all wedding reception locations have enough room for a fireworks display, have irate neighbours, or have livestock that must be protected before resorting to smaller fireworks displays. A pyrotechnic drive-away solution eliminates the need for unsightly and potentially dangerous cords and wires while solving any potential noise problems. Sending you go in style, we place the pyro on the drive away road and start each piece as the automobile slowly drives by.

We have provided some stunning fireworks displays for weddings, including some that were complete surprises for the bride and wedding reception and were all meticulously planned by the groom, and others that were choreographed to the couple's favourite song and featured all of their favourite colours and were capped off with some heart-shaped fireworks. We don't offer premade fireworks packages because we think each show should be tailored to its specific audience and occasion.

Planning a wedding is difficult enough without having to deal with the added burden of pyrotechnics, and that's where we come in. When we're hired to work a wedding, we offer the venue with our experienced, qualified technicians, who will conduct a risk assessment and confirm that the venue's use of all of our effects is covered by insurance. If you have any ideas for wedding effects, or if you've seen any photographs on Pinterest that you like, send them to us and we'll do our best to recreate the look for you.

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