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Frequently Asked Questions:




Do you have a contract?
Yes. All legitimate DJs will have a drawn up contract. Ours is much more relaxed though and we want to ensure it fully makes sense through an initial meeting with you.  Contracts, give most people a warm fuzzy feeling to have signed - so they knows somebody will show up that day ready to rock and roll! 


How do we book you?
We are happy to "pencil" you in for seven (7) days following your initial inquiry. That should give us plenty of time to setup an in-person so that you can get to meet your DJ, look over the contract, and talk music. After 7 days, we'll need a 50% deposit in order to secure the date. The deposit can be paid by cash, e-transfer or all major credit cards. The deposit amount goes towards the remaining amount which is due 7 days before your event.


What's your mixing style?
To start with, we play good music in whatever genre you want to hear! There are a few good scratch DJs in Regina, but quite honestly, you can't dance to most of the music scratch DJs use for material. We don't have pre-made "sets" that we play during the dancing portion of the night. We use loops, effects, and beat matching to create seamless transitions between songs, all while maintaining the energy on the dance floor. Mixing for us is something we do on the spot, based on the energy and key of the music and the reaction of the crowd. Sometimes, you have to drop the tempo to get the older relatives involved. After a slow song or two, and the younger crowd have refilled their drinks, we'll pick the tempo back up again. 


Will you bring an assistant?
With today's technology, DJing a wedding is typically a one-person job. Depending on the occasion, additional employees may be sent to assist with the set up and take down. If you opt to use use  us for your bartending needs, or other optional extras, we're going to need more people to make those things happen.  


Can we visit you at an event to "See you in Action"?
That all depends. If we are working a public event, we would be happy to tell you how to get some tickets to see us play however it may not be the style you are looking for as we are catering to the event. Most public events are very different than what a person is looking for for a wedding.  We wouldn’t want to invite complete strangers to poke their heads into your wedding, so respectfully, we don’t allow you to do that either. That being said, our references, online reviews, and the impression you get at our initial meeting will speak volumes of our experience, style, and professionalism. If we're performing at a public event, we'll let everyone know about it on our Facebook Page and you can definitely swing by to say "Hi" and hear the quality sound equipment!


Can we pick all of our music?
We encourage you to give us as much music as you can! This gives us a better idea of the type of music you want to hear at your wedding. The majority of our couples, however, prefer to make a few special requests and leave the rest up to the DJ (This is what we do after all). We pride ourselves on diversifying the song set.  Ultimately this is your party, but parents, grandparents, and teens all have different tastes in music.  That being said, you will never hear songs you have asked not to be played, or genres you’ve told us you don’t like.


Will you also be the Master of Ceremonies?
A Master of Ceremonies (or MC) is usually a close friend of the couple.  Although we are more than willing to make important announcements and point people in the right direction, a MC should be appointed by the couple.  If the situation is dire, we can negotiate something to accomidate your needs.  We have already been the Master of Ceremonies for multiple weddings, so we can jump in if needed.  Throughout your event, we will work with the event co-ordinator, caterers and MC’s to ensure a smooth operation on all fronts.


When do you arrive to set up for an event?
Our wedding DJs always arrive on-site at least an hour and a half prior to the contracted start time of the event, and earlier as needed by the setup requirements of the site.


What kind of equipment do you use?
We use the highest quality professional-grade equipment available. Specifically, we use Pioneer DDJ Turntables, a Macbook Air, Yorkville Elite 550W Speakers and Subwoofers, Chaucer and American DJ Lighting, and Line 6 Chaucer microphones. Wireless microphones are always provided, and we'll discuss lighting requirements with you ahead of time to ensure we get just the right "look" for your dance floor.


What do you require from my event site?
We require one 6-foot banquet table, with linens, and adequate power (110-volt, 15-amp dedicated circuit on a grounded outlet) within 100 feet of where the DJ will be set up.

For any additional questions, please reach out to

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